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Synonyms: C6H6 [definition source: EEA multilingual environmental glossary]

Terminology source: http://glossary.eea.europa.eu

Benzene is a colourless, volatile and flammable liquid with a distinctive odour. It evaporates into the air very quickly and is a dangerous fire hazard when exposed to heat or flame. It is only slightly soluble in water, but will mix with most organic solvents.Benzene is one of the simplest organic chemicals known as 'aromatic' compounds - their carbon atoms are arranged in rings rather than chains. [definition source: dataservice, http://dataservice.eea.eu.int]

Terminology source: http://glossary.eea.europa.eu

A colorless, liquid, flammable, aromatic hydrocarbon used to manufacture styrene and phenol. Also known as benzol. (Source: MGH)

Terminology source: http://www.eionet.europa.eu

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